cabin cool


Frequently Asked Questions

It makes sense that cooling just a person rather than the space they occupy requires much less energy. Cabin Cool is designed to just cool one person, not a room or a group.

The system is a small electric heat pump with a powerful fan. It will cool the air from around the equipment up to 25° F, so on a 100° day it will make 75° air. The cooled air is blown at relatively high pressure. In addition, the operator can direct exactly where he wants the air to hit his body or head.

As long as your equipment has a place to mount Cabin Cool and an electrical system, you can use it. Gas powered equipment typically has an alternator powered electric system and electric equipment typically has a 12V to 80V accessory system.

Cabin Cool will work on all of them.

Yes. The driver can control the power, temperature, fan speed, and where the air is directed.

The system is designed to last ten years or 20,000 hours. If anything goes wrong with your system, you will be able to send it back to us up to one year and we will repair or replace it.

Yes. If the equipment has a place to mount Cabin Cool and an electric system, you can use it.

Cabin Cool M100 will cool the air by up to 25° lower than the surrounding air. The system will provide up to 600W of cooling power, even though it consumes less than 275W of electric power. It provides enough power to comfort workers in the most extreme conditions.

No. Depending on your use case, your dealer will recommend how to use air filters. 

Yes. It is rated to work in just about all conditions.

We only provide cooling. However, please let us know if you are looking for a system that provides heat as well.